Millfield Stores started during the 2020 summer lockdown by Ben Bohm-Duchen and Sophie Dutton when our work, as with so many of us, had to adapt significantly. During the long  days at home during the pandemic it was heartening for us to see how during difficult times, food can continue to provide joy and comfort.

We wanted to combine our passion for the arts with cooking by working with artists to create food inspired work while celebrating our favourite makers and producers. 

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Ben has worked at The River Café, Carousel and Rochelle Canteen. He brings his experience from working at some of the best London restaurants with some of the finest chefs around to your door.

Sophie is an Art Director, Curator and Graphic Designer. Having worked in the arts for many years, has always collaborated with independent artists and championed creative and innovative production. She is also becoming an accomplished sous chef/food taster!

Thursday Nov 26 2020


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