Millfield Stores was created during the 2020 summer lockdown by Ben Bohm-Duchen and Sophie Dutton delivering fresh seasonal meal kits and hampers to homes around London. Following the acclaimed delivery business where they provided refined but relaxed food to thousands across London, they turned their attention to catering for a wide range of different events. They bring their extensive experience from some of the best London restaurants, including The River Café, Carousel and Rochelle Canteen, to your door.

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Ben and Sophie were delighted to see the popularity of their deliveries while social contact was restricted and the joy that brought people (and them) in such trying times. But they were so excited to cook with people once again face to face, seeing the unity and happiness created when people share a special delicious meal together, and knowing their food has played a part in creating an unforgettable occasion. As a small family business, they will go to every length and take great care to make sure you are well looked after and your event is catered for to the highest level.

‘A totally delicious treat of a hamper. We ate the whole thing in about two days and just wished we’d ordered a bigger one’
— Keira Knightley

‘Absolutely delicious, exactly the kind of food I could eat all week long.’
— Felicity Spector

‘Ben and the team at Millfield Stores are culinary magicians. They catered our wedding for 180 guests in a field in the middle of nowhere. Not only did they produce some of the most delicious food ever tasted (in fact, many guests claimed it was the best meal of their lives), but they did it all with such friendliness and professionalism.

Honestly, the Millfield team are a real joy to work with and their understanding of flavour, flare and presentation are second to none.’
— Joseph Gridley

‘The scones are a revelation’
— Kate Gavron

‘Gorgeous, thoughtful and yummy boxes, either a gift for yourself or a friend!’
— Rida Suleri-Johnson

‘Millfield Stores has created without doubt, hands down, the best turkish pickled pepper that has ever passed my lips’
— Nick PB

‘Best Hummus I’ve ever tasted by a MILE’
— Rose Blake

‘My friends were absolutely delighted with the pickle selection they received. They are both foodies and telephoned me to say they’d never before tasted such delicious and unusual pickles.’
— Danila Armstring

‘Everything was astonishingly delicious. Honestly. We are big food fans and have spent the past year sampling every meal kit going, as well as brushing up our
own skills, but I have to say your food – the flavours, the produce… and your eye for design + presentation have made me a bit emotional!’
— Sara P

‘I had invited Millfield Stores to cater for an annual Open Studio day at the Chocolate Factory art studios in N16. It was a difficult brief as the pop up cafe in the courtyard was an improvised affair, there was no knowing the number of visitors or weather conditions on the day.

Ben and Sophie dealt with everything with reassuring calm and a “can do” attitude which is what all stressed event organisers need. The menu was discussed and devised within practical and budgetary constraints, and delivered on time and in the right quantities.

The food itself passed all expectations: ‘sandwiches’ ,‘scones’,‘quiche’,’tarts’ , simply does not describe the originality, freshness, flavour combinations and beauty of their products which take all of the above to an altogether different, very classy level. If you want your event to go up a notch in the estimation of your guests do involve the team at Millfield Stores - no one will be disappointed. Highly recommended.’
— Lydia Bauman

‘I’ve just finished eating a wonderful lunch, made from the produce included in the Everything Box. Each element was so fresh and subtly flavoured- it felt like I was eating in a beautiful restaurant in Italy, and all we had to do was open the box! I especially enjoyed the pear tart... can I have another slice?’
— Sir Peter Blake

‘The packaging is beautiful! Love the colours’
— Pretend Foundry

‘Ben is an excellent chef. Enthusiastic, methodical and committed. A true professional’
— Ruth Rogers, The River Café

‘Everything in the box was just perfect! The Pear & Almond tart was totally out of this world’
— Alex S

‘We have ordered many times from Millfield stores and the boxes are such a treat. Filled with delights to eat now and some items like the preserves are still in our fridge which we continue to dive into. The pear and almond tarts are the best tarts we have ever eaten. Just thinking about them is making my mouth water.

We are also lucky enough to have had Ben cater a couple of events for us .He did the most magnificent dinner party for my dad's 99th birthday. Ben suggested various menus and we settled on a middle eastern menu of prawns, then lamb and various incredible side dishes. My father said they were the best prawns he has ever eaten. It was a roaring success. Ben also catered for an office party event we had at home with delicious canapés . I cannot recommend Millfield Stores highly enough.’
— Susan Marmot

‘That cheesecake… my lord’
— Jack M

‘I don’t know what you’ll go on to do with your combination of skills, but whatever it is you’re thinking: DO IT!’
— Sara P

‘Delicious! Love the whole design and experience. Well done for doing it all in lockdown’
— Sara K

‘Millfield Stores create the most magical feasts! We had one of their large boxes and it was absolutely delicious. Will definitely be ordering from them again soon. The focaccia was one of the best we have ever eaten.’
— Francesca Wright

Thursday Nov 26 2020


Based in East London, catering UK wide