Bare Bones Chocolate 

Gift set of 4 — £9

We’re proud to announce that Bare Bones chocolate is now available in our shop!

Bare Bones make chocolate in the South Side of Glasgow in micro-batches. They highlight the importance of good chocolate – free from emulsifiers and additives, and careful consideration of where the cocoa is sourced. The beautiful boxes are made using recycled paper coffee cups and wrappers are from Vegware - no foil, no plastic!

They roast their cacao on a Giesen coffee roaster and have built their own modified equipment, to get the best possible quality for their batch sizes.

Each gift set includes:

— 60% Honduras Milk 20g
— 70% Madagascar Dark 20g
— 68% Dominican Salted 20g
— 65% Guatemala Dark 20g


Thursday Nov 26 2020


Remember to order your food box by 11am on Wednesday for Friday delivery