‘A totally delicious treat of a hamper. We ate the whole thing in about two days and just wished we’d ordered a bigger one’
— Keira Knightley

‘Absolutely delicious, exactly the kind of food I could eat all week long.’
— Felicity Spector

‘The scones are a revelation’
— Kate G

‘Gorgeous, thoughtful and yummy boxes, either a gift for yourself or a friend!’
— Rida Suleri-Johnson

‘Millfield Stores has created without doubt, hands down, the best turkish pickled pepper that has ever passed my lips’
— Nick PB

‘Best Hummus I’ve ever tasted by a MILE’
Rose Blake

‘My friends were absolutely delighted with the pickle selection they received. They are both foodies and telephoned me to say they’d never before tasted such delicious and unusual pickles.’
— Danila A

‘Everything was astonishingly delicious. Honestly. We are big food fans and have spent the past year sampling every meal kit going, as well as brushing up our
own skills, but I have to say your food – the flavours, the produce… and your eye for design + presentation have made me a bit emotional!’

— Sara P

‘I’ve just finished eating a wonderful lunch, made from the produce included in the Everything Box. Each element was so fresh and subtly flavoured- it felt like I was eating in a beautiful restaurant in Italy, and all we had to do was open the box! I especially enjoyed the pear tart... can I have another slice?’
— Sir Peter Blake

‘The packaging is beautiful! Love the colours’
— Pretend Foundry

‘Ben is an excellent chef. Enthusiastic, methodical and committed. A true professional’
— Ruth Rogers, The River Café

‘Everything in the box was just perfect! The Pear & Almond tart was totally out of this world’
Alex S

‘That cheesecake… my lord’
— Jack M

‘I don’t know what you’ll go on to do with your combination of skills, but whatever it is you’re thinking: DO IT!’

— Sara P

‘Delicious! Love the whole design and experience. Well done for doing it all in lockdown’

— Sara K 

Thursday Nov 26 2020


Remember to order your food box by midday on Tuesday for Friday delivery